Sales & Marketing 101: A Consistent “Look and Feel “ Of Your Business Matters!!!

If you don’t take your business image seriously, then why should your potential customers take your business seriously? We have a number of first hand experiences of customers loosing contracts due to business name, unprofessional and inconsistent look, and NOT on capability. One of the company’s that loss, never knew they loss and it was NOT because of capability.

This is a true story. The president of MODOMO was part of a large project to integrate and migrate five companies world wide with 450 offices around the globe. A software development company was needed for part of the project, so a team was formed to find the ideal company. The team selected a company that had the ideal credentials. But, it was soon over ridden by the CIO, because of the companies name and image. The company had “Geek” in their name and the logo was very unprofessional. The CIO’s explanation was this “I cannot go to my boss and tell him we are using ***geek***, Inc (with their logo all over the delivered contract) to do a world wide project.”. The CIO ended up picking another company AND willingly paid 50% more then he would have paid the company with better credentials.

If you don’t want to end up like the company above, we can help, call us at 407.540.0474

WHY RISK IT? You are in business to be successful. DO NOT let business pass you by because of your image. We aim at fine tuning your company's image. This service brings together details to give that cohesive, professional look and feel to all of your company's dealings.

There are deals that happen every day where the final decision is between two companies. Both having equal skills, very good references and testimonials, equal pricing, and both having been in business for about the same number of years. The decision is then made by a person who takes a last look at each package (contracts, collateral, print outs, etc…) . One is very professional and the other is very nice visually but not as professional. The decision ends up being based NOT on capability but on presentation.

DO NOT give potential clients a reason to not hire you. Call us at 407.540.0474 to get started.

We are offering a NO risk, NO commitment, FREE consultation

Call us at 407.540.0474 to get started.

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