In Business, Your Potential Clients DO NOT Know How Good You Are Until After The Sale, All They Know Is How Good Your Marketing Is AND It Starts With Your LOGO…

The “Look and Feel” of your business logo can make or break you. If you don’t take this seriously then why should your potential customers take your business seriously? The most common scenario we see is that a customer who has been in business for a period of time wants us to create a website for them and their existing Logo clashes with a design they want for their website. In many cases, the logo design was made by the owner, friend or family member for FREE, or the business owner used a service where they pick an icon to represent their business and added text. Guess what??? By using that unprofessional logo, they are sending a negative message to their potential customers.

The only business that should have a non-professional create their logo, is YOUR competitor.

WHY RISK IT? You are in business to be successful. DO NOT let business pass you by because of your image. Your logo “sets the pace” of your business image for all of your business materials from business cards, letter head, envelopes, brochures, and presentation materials to other items like hats, shirts and embroidery.

We aim at fine tuning your company's image. This service brings together color schemes, logos, presentation materials, and other details to give that cohesive, professional look and feel to all of your company's dealings.

Our Business Logo Service includes:

  • Initial Consultation - During this consultation we will gather information to help identify a well-suited look and feel for your new logo.
  • Initial Preview - We will deliver a few different electronic copies of your logo design to get your feedback and input.
  • Initial Modification - We will implement the changes from your feedback and input.
  • Final Preview - You will give final approval.
  • Deliverables – You will receive an electronic copy of your new logo in a high resolution format so you can use it anywhere, in black and white and color. We also deliver low resolution formats so you can use them now in all your dealings.

Test us out... you have nothing to lose! If we don’t produce a logo that you like, then you don’t pay.

Call 407.540.0474 to get started!

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