“Applying Technology Where Technology Makes Sense”

Our goal for “Technology Solutions” consulting is to help you navigate the rapidly changing landscape of opportunities that proliferate the digital marketplace. Moving beyond the hype surrounding the world of e-Business, MODOMO delivers tangible business results.

There is a bewildering array of options and technologies available to you to meet your business needs. The problem lies in sorting out these options and coming up with a functional implementation that meets your needs today and for the future while maintaining cost effectiveness and a competitive advantage.

Let us help you sort through these options and develop cost-effective, functional solutions for your business. Our experience with legacy and leading technologies allows us to solve today's business problems using tools that are cutting edge, yet proven.

Value Added Items

  • we deliver solutions that are vendor neutral
  • we have highly skilled software and hardware professionals with international exposure
  • we use proven software development processes
  • we have experience in a wide range of applications
  • we retain strategic partnerships with qualified high value companies

Partnering With Modomo

  • will relieve you from having to retain highly skilled technology professionals on your staff
  • will allow you to implement solutions without having to increase your staff and overhead
  • We can implement your solutions at a fraction of the cost.
  • will reduce time from concept to implementation
  • we have years of experience dealing with oversea developers from all over the world

Don’t Take Our Word For It… Look At What Our Clients Are Saying:

"We partnered with MODOMO Inc. to implement a system that would help streamline fulfillment of replacement parts, purchased by our distributors. The solution developed was a JAVA application used on a Palmpilot with barcode reader. The results were amazing!!! We have made our distributor's life easier by cutting down on the time it takes to order products. At the same time, we have made over $1 million dollars with this one solution implemented in a small area of Florida.We can't wait to implement this solution nationwide!!! MODOMO Inc., had the skills to produce our desired outcome on time."

--Scott Kollman Industrial Air Conditioning Manufacturer.

FREE Project Review and Analysis (for a LIMITED time)

If you have a technical project and are ready to dive into the details, please call us at 407.540.0474. This offer is good for 2 FREE Hours. We will have one of our senior technologist available to you so you can bounce your ideas off of them, validate your concepts, and answer technical or business impact question you or your team may have.


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“All we ask is that the FINAL decision maker for the project and for the approval of finance, attend the meeting”

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