My Secure Backup

Don’t risk your data. Don’t risk your business

  • Are you still using unreliable tape backup systems?
  • Is one of your employees taking tapes home every once in a while to “protect” your business in case of a disaster?
  • Are you using a cheap unmonitored external backup system, which will eventually fill up the hard drive?
  • Are you sure that all of your critical data is being backed up by your current backup process?
  • Are you paying for upgrades, new tapes, software agents, and ongoing maintenance of your current back up system?
FREE Backup Data Analysis

Remove the risks of traditional backup systems from your business with the MODOMO’s MySecureBackup Plan, and these and other issues will no longer be a factor for your business.

The information you create – and how you manage, control, and back up that information – is mission-critical to your business. If you’re backing up your data on site in any conventional media, you’re flirting with disaster.

Now there’s MySecureBackup – from MODOMO. MySecureBackup is the safest and most reliable way to protect your data all day, every day. No additional equipment to purchase. No cumbersome or unreliable media or tapes. We back up all your data, on every system throughout your network, virtually every minute of every day. And then we back that backup.


  • Robust online backup to protect your critical files
  • AES-256 encryption with a key you create and control
  • Restore files quickly
  • We backup and then backup the backup. Multiple versions of your files will be saved incrementally to reduce your loss of data.
  • “Setup and Forget” technology. Once your backup is setup, as long as no one touches the configuration, your system will copy files to our cloud system automatically.
  • MODOMO manually reviews reports weekly to ensure your system is logging in and data is being backed up. Our solution is NOT just backups. Our software adds a secure network drive so you can share information with others.
  • Easily setup secure network drive
  • Share files between multiple computers from anywhere
  • Multi-way sync keeps files constantly up to date


Save time and money with Backup Vaults

MODOMO's MySecure Backup Software's unique Backup Vault feature makes backups more efficient and reduces storage costs with compression and a server-grade de-duplication technology that prevents users from backing up the same data twice.

Works just like a local drive on your computer

The MODOMO "My Secure" Network Drive gives you a secure place to store and share files as if they were already on your computer.

Collaborate quickly and seamlessly

Users can instantly sync document updates and changes with others so the entire workgroup has access to the latest files right on their local computer – even when they are offline.

Access files from any computer

MODOMO's MySecure Backup Software makes it easy to access and sync your files through our secure website or our USB version that you can carry with you.

How Do I Get Started?

FREE Data Security Analysis Gets You Started

FREE Backup Data Analysis

Our customer engagement begins with a free data security analysis (valued at $600.00) with one of our senior technology consultants.

What's included?

  • Analys your current data protection including backup and restore procedures, tape rotations and maintenance schedule to see if there is anything jeopardizing your data’s security.
  • Review procedures for storage and transportation of data. Many people don’t realize they damage their disks (and thereby corrupt their data) by improperly caring for their storage devices.
  • Check your network backup system to make sure it is accurately backing up all of the critical files and information you would NEVER want to lose.
  • Present a simple and easy to understand chart that will detail the makeup of your data, including the age and type of files you are backing up. Why should you care? Because many companies inadvertently use valuable computer storage to back up their employees’ personal MP3 files and movies.
  • Discuss current data protection needs and explain in plain English where your risks are. We know everyone has a different level of risk tolerance, and we want to make sure all the risks you’re taking with your data are by choice not because of miscommunication or accident.
    Other Companies Have Paid Over $600.00 for This Same Analysis, But It's Yours FREE Just for Saying “Maybe”.

When the Analysis is Complete
We will quote you a fixed monthly rate for maintaining and monitoring your backups to ensure it is problem free.

If you decide that it's not going to work for you or if you don't want to sign up for any reason, just say, "This isn't what I had in mind". No pressure, No expectations, No cost.

To schedule your Free Data Security Analysis click and fill out the on-line form, we will contact you immediately to schedule your analysis and answer any questions you have about this exciting service.

BUSINESS OWNERS: If you are currently relying on a tape backups or an external backup system to secure your company’s critical data, financials, and client information you are at high risk to losing your data. Tape backups and external backup systems have an average failure rate of 100% - they fail at some point, and often without any sign or warning.

If you cannot afford to have your business shut down because of lost, corrupt, or stolen data, it’s critical that you get and read this FREE business advisory guide, “12 Little-Known Facts and Insider Secrets Every Business Owner Should Know About Backing Up Their Data.”

This 12 page in-depth guide will explain in plain-English everything you need to know about backing up your network NOW so you can quickly and easily recover your data and be back up and running FAST after an earthquake, fire, flood, virus, hacker attack, software glitch or other data-erasing disaster.

In addition to explaining why tape drives or external backup drives are NOT a reliable way to backup your data, you’ll discover what options you have for backing up your data, how to choose a backup service, 7 critical characteristics you should demand from any remote backup service, as well as answers to the most commonly asked questions business owners have about data backup and security.

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