Step 3: Design & Development

The best looking sites are NOT the ones with the best sales records
Professional Look + Educational Content = Leads & Sales

We build websites that sell and are fully managed


The majority of websites are nothing more then an on-line brochure that NO one sees.

MODOMO has worked with countless numbers of business owners (and those responsible for a company website) where this was NOT the intended outcome. Here are the common pitfalls we have discovered:

  1. They had their website created by their son, daughter, and even a friend working on the side at nights. They even allowed the site to be posted on the web for all to see!!!
  2. They had a really good sales person sell them a website without knowing their business goals and intentions. NO goals = NO on-line visits.
  3. They had a really good and cheap designer who just came out of a website design school, who needed a “Real Life” site, and they agreed to be the “Ginny Pig”. Believe it or Not but most website designers do not have any knowledge of how to drive traffic to a site NOR know how to generate a lead on the web.

We are “poking fun” at how so many business owners (and those responsible for a company website) make decisions when it comes to their company website. In all seriousness this could be considered near fatal for you, and the only one that succeeds is your competitor.

How do we know???
Because we have made many mistakes on our own company website, that we would consider near fatal, and we have learned from these mistakes and are now sharing every bit of that experience, good and bad, with our valuable customers. So, when you work with MODOMO, you can have a “piece of mind” knowing that we will be be using 11 years of website experience on your overall web presence including lead generations and converting leads into sales.

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We are most successful in working with clients that:

  • demand that a website is actively generating leads to sales
  • see Best Website HTML Templates and WordPress Themes as a power tool for increasing productivity
  • see websites as a power tool for gaining competitive advantages
  • want a web partner that will act as a trusted advisor and seek to improve the position of their company on the web
  • are willing to invest in web technology to improve communications and eliminate manual tasks

How Do I Get Started?

FREE 25-Point Website Analysis Gets You Started 

Our customer engagement begins with a free website review with one of our senior web consultants. It's the best way to get the "lay of the land" in addition to starting a long term business relationship.  The more we know about you, the more return you'll see from your investment with us.

What's included?

  • We will review your site’s “Accessibility”, which are things like, site load-time, text to background contrast, font size and reasonable spacing, flash and add-on review, images have proper tag labels, and that your site has a "custom not found page" that displays if your site is not found.
  • We will review your site’s “Identity”, which are things like, company logo and tag line are displayed properly, home page is reviewable with in the 5 second rule, clear path to company information, and company contact information.
  • We will review your site’s “Navigation, which are things like, easy to use main navigation, labels are clear and concise, reasonable number of links and buttons, logo is linked to the home page, easy to identify links, and site search is easy to access.
  • We will review your site’s “Content”, which are things like, review of the major headings, critical content is above the fold, style and color are consistent, review emphasized text, review ads and pop-ups, concise and clear copy, link names are meaningful and user friendly, and page titles are ideal for search engine visitors.
  • We will then offer our professional advice about your website and what we would do to improve it to meet your business goals.

Other Companies Have Paid Over $1,200.00 for This Same Analysis, But It's Yours FREE Just for Saying "Maybe".

When the Analysis is Complete

We will quote you a fixed price to update your site to meet the recommendations from the analysis, and/or quote you a fixed monthly rate for maintaining (monthly updates) your website as well as implement internet marketing techniques to ensure you are ranking where you want to rank in the search engines.

If you decide that it's not going to work for you or if you don't want to sign up for any reason, just say, "This isn't what I had in mind" and we can simply provide you website maintenance or internet marketing services on an "as needed" basis. No pressure, No expectations, No cost.

Click on the link to schedule your Free 25-Point Website Analysis. We will contact you immediately to schedule your analysis and answer any questions you have about this exciting service.

“Modomo helped our group gain a professional web presence very quickly. We’ve also found the Modomo team is very responsive and available whenever we need to add to our site. Modomo not only provides the research council with quality web services, their pricing structure is very reasonable. We have almost zero down time! We haven’t worked with too many companies that actually do all the above.”

--Read Hayes, PhD, CPP, Loss Prevention Research Center

“MODOMO, Inc has been a valued business partner for several years. We have successfully worked together on projects with Florida Hospital, Rippe Health, and on projects with auto dealerships. Results, Quality, Professionalism, On-time Every time, and Web Savvy are all words that describes Team MODOMO.”

--Steve Cascadden CGS Ad Group.

“Working with Modomo Technologies continues to be a great experience. They have an amazing ability to create solutions for every unique situation. Modomo's top quality product, timely responses, and easy accessibility make them the easy choice for me with all my web development and troubleshooting projects. The team at Modomo is knowledgeable, current, and have proven to me they care about each one of my projects as much as I do.”

--Richard Verkaik Website Designer.

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FREE 25 Point Website Analysis

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