STEP 5: Website Maintenance

MOST Small to Medium Size Companies Do NOT Know What To Change on Their Website to Increase Sales or Leads

Most Small to Medium size businesses take the approach with their website of “Let’s build it and they will come”. They do not transition into the maintenance phase of a website which is critical to the success of the website and their business.

We have worked with hundreds of business owners (or those responsible for the company website) who fail to properly maintain and refresh their website. The end result becomes a site that is not visited by existing clients (risking retention) and not visited by a prospect more then once (risking the ALL important SALE).

You may be one of those companies and you are tired of paying for a website that is NOT doing anything for the company.

Your website has the ability to generate more customers and more business then most small to medium business owners ever imagine


KEY list of items you or someone in your company need to do in order to have a site that is adding value to your business:

  • Add basic website text content and graphic updates to consistently refresh the site.
  • Add new website content that will add to your websites return on investment such as free reports, educational materials, newsletters, FAQ’s. Your customers will love these. In return it helps to retain your customers.
  • Monitor website analytics to determine you site activity, where your site traffic is coming from, knowing what pages are adding value or not, and knowing of any issues with your site.
  • Monitoring Internet Marketing Analytics (organic searches, pay per clicks, directory searches, video views, keyword analysis, lead analytics, sales analytics, domain name needs, etc…). This will enable you to invest your marketing dollars where you will get the best results.
  • Monitoring marketing campaigns (on/offline campaigns and email campaigns)

MODOMO offers services in all of the above items which you may need assistance with. We provide these services on an On-Demand Service OR as a Managed Service for your Website needs. Start with signing up for your FREE 25-Point Website Analysis/Consultation

Here is what our customers are saying

"Modomo helped our group gain a professional web presence very quickly. We’ve also found the Modomo team is very responsive and available whenever we need to add to our site. Modomo not only provides the research council with quality web services, their pricing structure is very reasonable. We have almost zero down time! We haven’t worked with too many companies that actually do all the above."

--Read Hayes, PhD, CPP, Loss Prevention Research Center

"The professional staff at Modomo takes all of the hi-tech terminology and patiently explains it in terms that are very easy to understand. They listen to our needs and promptly deliver."

--Mark J. Goldstein, Central Florida Christian Chamber Of Commerce

KEY: STICKY-Ness = consistently keeping your customers or prospects engaged with you on-line and off-line, because THEY choose too.

We provide service On-Demand OR as a Managed Service for your Website needs. Start with signing up for your FREE 25-Point Website Analysis/Consultation

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