Policies Overview

For your convenience, we have included our policies that apply to web services in this policies section. Below is a short description of each:

Terms and Conditions : thoroughly explains the terms and conditions under which our relationships with our clients exist.

Privacy Policy : discusses certain privacy issues related to the web services business.

Billing Policy : clearly explains the billing, payment, and cancellation processes as well as the consequences of delinquency.

Acceptable Use Policy : describes which activities are permitted and which are not permitted as a client of Modomo Inc.

CGI Abuse : discusses examples of CGI Abuse and the impact it can have on system resources.

UCE/SPAM Policy : defines SPAM and discusses repercussions of improper email use.

We, at Modomo Inc. have formulated our policies not only for our protection, but also for the protection of you, our clients. It is our intention to explain our policies and procedures to our customers in a clear and informative manner. If, after reading the full texts of our policies, you have questions or require further information, please call us and we will be happy to discuss any further concerns.